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Big News!

Hey folks,

We’ve a little announcement to make:

It’s been a big month for us - we’ve quit our jobs, put all our possessions into a storage locker (minus our instruments, of course) and are hitting the road full time, touring throughout Ireland and the US from now until the end of October.  We’re saying goodbye to our London life and we’re off to see the world. We’ll be posting tour dates on the site as we confirm them, and we can’t wait to play to new crowds, catch up with old friends, and finally meet some of you in person who we’ve only been in touch with online so far.

Sadly, as a knock-on effect of that, we’re suspending Thing A Week, as we just can’t guarantee how much internet access we’ll have while we’re traveling. But we’ll be posting stories and photos from internet cafes on both continents to keep you updated with our progress. (Unless we get arrested on day two, in which case it’ll be prison diaries…) We’ve also had to shut down our merchandise sales from the site, but digital downloads are still available of course.  So if people want to buy CDs or socks - well they’ll just have to come to a show to get them from us :-)

Our last Thing A Week - for now, anyway - will be live online tomorrow (Tuesday) at www.wdar.ie/live.html Tune in at 2.30pm to hear us play live, and tell  potentially embarrassing stories. Never let it be said we don’t keep things interesting…

Thanks to all of you for your support and your kind words - we’ll be in touch from the open road!

Kathryn, Daniel & Benji